Agrichemical Consultancy and Certification Ltd.


Colin Spence - Managing Director
Agrichemical Consultancy & Certification Limited


Having recently retired as General Manager of Agriculture New Zealand Ltd, an accredited Agricultural Training and Consultancy Business, I have set up a company to focus on Agrichemical Consultancy, Training and Approved Handler Agrichemical Certification. I see this as an opportunity to use my 40 years of horticultural, agricultural and agrichemical experience to lead a team who will support organisations and individuals that need assistance with all aspects of their operation that involve safe and responsible use of hazardous substances.


In my roles as a Horticultural Consultant and Manager, involved in research, science and business, I have used my innovative pragmatic approach and decisive decision making and problem solving skills to maximise the outcomes for clients and the businesses I have worked for. As an Environmental Protection Authority – Test Certifier, specialising in Agrichemical Approved Handler Certification, this site provides AgChem clients with two Approved Handler Renewal options, On-Line and Home Pack. Please go to the sites Approved Handler Renewal page for Registration.


As a New Zealander I am passionate about raising awareness of our responsibilities to consumers, colleagues, ourselves and the environment for safe Agrichemical practice when we have a part to play in the production of food. As a food producing and export Nation, I believe New Zealand must meet its obligations to produce all food to a recognised standard and must all work to maintain our clean, green environmental status.

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